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We are a specialist logistics service provider, operating in sectors of commerce and industry. Where out of the ordinary flexible logistical solutions are required, providing a range of services from warehousing, transportation, collation and pick pack operations. Everything we do is about your business, we’re flexible, adaptable and innovative, the fact is we care about our customer’s business and we’re passionate about service, our customers are not just another revenue stream, we take as much interest in your business as we do our own…


BIP offer optimal multi-modal transport services by closely cooperating with our local partners in Viet Nam. We select the optimal routes to transport diverse cargo safely, assuredly, quickly and at a low cost. We provide multi-modal transport services using a range of transportation land, sea, and air. We also provide a wide range of related services such as customs clearance oversea and project cargo, applications, paperwork related to law and regulations, and many other procedures. We assist our customers with overseas forays and business expansion by offering a wide array of logistics services, including overseas relocation of facilities and support for starting up operations, as well as provision of local information.


We staff members are familiar with customs procedures and complete these potentially burdensome tasks for our customers quickly and accurately. Our services management system, boasting a lengthy history of results handling various goods, significantly reduces the time required for preparing declaration and other formalities. This means we can provide efficient and smooth customs clearance services.

We would like to have the opportunity to serve you in the near future.