BIPShipping is licensed by the Customs General Department of Vietnam to be the Customs Broker for arranging import/export all kind of cargoes. With the advantage of this license, we can be on behalf of our customers to declare and sign on Customs declaration sheet to reduce the time of customs clearance. This is very important for those shipments that need delivery urgently.
With a skilled Customs broker team of over 30 people we are capable of providing fast and reliable customs clearance at any port/airport of Vietnam whether the cargoes are:
-Project cargoes;
-Heavy lift cargoes;
-Energy cargoes;
-Paint or Chemical
-Agriculture products
-Sea products;
-Shoes and Garments;
-Temporary import & re-export cargoes;
-Import material for processing then export;
-Trading cargoes
-Non-trading cargoes